WoMin is a regional project established in 2013 that focuses on issues related to women, gender and extractivism. It is located within the International Alliance on Natural Resources in Africa (IANRA). The project provides a platform of solidarity and co-operation involving civil society organisations and movements working on or with an interest in extractivism and women's rights in Africa.

Extractivism is a deeply exploitative and ecologically destructive model of development, characterised by the large scale extraction and exploitation of natural resources such as oil, water, minerals, and forests, around which the economy, social relations of class and gender, state policy and public discourse are organised.

The project aims to build knowledge and awareness, support community organising, and campaign against corporations that violate women's human rights. The project advocates for the reform of national, sub-regional and regional law, policy and systems to protect communities and women, in particular, from the destructive impacts of extractives. We, however, believe that the current extractivist development model is damaging to women, their communities, eco-systems and the planet. Our long-term goal is to imagine, cultivate and campaign with progressive friends and allies for alternatives to destructive extractivism.