Draft campaign principles
  • Be women-led, for women, by women with support from men in communities and male-led and mixed male-female organisations
  • Adhere to the principles of equality, democracy, accountability and transparency
  • Ensure that women in communities are fully informed and participate equally in decision-making processes of the campaign at different levels
  • Support the participation of women by providing childcare support - children and women’s care responsibilities should not be a hindrance to women’s activism!
  • Reclaim the voice of grassroots women so that they speak for themselves rather than through the voice of a ‘mother organisation’
  • Be inspired by and draw from women’s lived experiences, alternatives and demands to develop our campaign positioning and interventions
  • Challenge patriarchy, including such aspects as rape and sexual harassment, which extractives organisations typically to do not address
  • Work to develop women’s position and strengthen their power in the family, community and society more generally; women’s organising and women’s solidarity will be the key vehicles for building women’s power

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