Our concept for the campaign
  • The intention is to build a campaign rooted in grassroots struggles which are led by women, which support women’s organising and movement-building as defined in specific localities and at the national level, and which also unifies women’s struggles across localities and countries through a common set of political demands to be pursued at different levels of the campaign.
  • The main objective of the campaign is to support women’s movement-building and organising towards a future in which African women enjoy climate, energy, food, gender and development justice. The declaration from the October 2015 Niger Delta meeting http://womin.org.za/images/docs/energy-food-climate-justice-niger-delta-declaration.pdf outlines what these different forms of justice mean in practice.
  • Over the next 18 months to two years, WoMin and its allies will define a political agenda (the changes we want to achieve) for the entire campaign which is grounded in the demands of women at the local and national levels. We will not impose a political agenda from above but will build this from below. This common political agenda is critical to provide a unified frame for our organising at the regional, national and local levels.
  • Each level of the campaign will have a plan or a strategy which will have been worked out through a participatory process, will guide organising and campaigning efforts, and will be adjusted as needed on an annual or more frequent basis. This campaign plan or strategy will need to clear spell out what changes we are trying to achieve, how we will achieve these changes and who we will ally with. The various campaign plans and strategies at different levels will be guided by a general campaigns framework to be agreed at a July 2016 regional campaigns strategy meeting. This regional strategy will be reviewed and adjusted on an annual basis when the campaign partners meet.
  • Importantly, the campaign is NOT working to build the identity and profile of a single organisation. Hence, WoMin will play a leading role in building and sustaining the campaign, but the campaign is not a WoMin campaign. If the campaign is to build organisation and movement, including by creating new intersections between organisations and struggles, the campaign needs to be a political platform of partnership between many organisations. The partners will look different in each context and the nature of the platform and its relationships will hence look dissimilar but the principle of wide collaboration and ownership is a critical one that will guide the campaign at all moments.

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