Women Building Power: First Uganda Feminist School

For four days, the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) and Kwataniza Women Farmers Group with support from WoMin as part of the regional Women Building Power Campaign convened the first national feminist school in Hoima, Uganda. The school gathered 30 women activists from across the country. Together, participants created a space for collective learning and exchange, bringing their own diverse experiences to bear as activists who are resisting extractivism, militarism and mega-infrastructure projects in their communities.



Women Building Power 2nd Regional Campaign Strategy

The WoMin African Alliance gathered 35 participants from the Women Building Power campaign in Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Kenya and other parts of Africa for its second Regional Campaign Strategy Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. For five days in March 2018, participants immersed themselves in an intensive three-day training exposure on energy, its dominant forms, the alternatives and the false solutions, the source of climate change, a climate just agenda and the wider question of whether a renewable energy transition can be achieved under the current development order. The sister participants had opportunity to share their struggles and campaign building efforts in countries, and think through what is needed to tackle the savagery of extractivism in Africa at this time. Read more about this event:




African Roundtable on Extractives, Mega Infrastructure and Women’s Rights of Consent

For three days, WoMin and our ally KeNRA (Natural Resources Alliance of Kenya) convened 38 activists, development practitioners, human rights defenders and advocates from around the world for an African Roundtable on Extractives, Mega Infrastructure and Women’s Rights of Consent. Read more about this event: