Finding Solutions for a World in Crisis WoMin Newsletter 2 (2017 | March-April)

The world is in deep crisis. The earth’s systems are on the edge of collapse, and the survival of the majority of the world’s people threatened by resource grabs, ecosystem failure, wars, and climate change. The roots of this manifold crisis lie deep in a political-economic-social system, which is driven by profit, which supports overconsumption by some and underconsumption by too many, which has for centuries dispossessed peoples of their land and waters and forests, and which uses violence to create and sustain itself. The costs of this system are carried by working class, peasant and indigenous women in the global South. Yet it is in the heritage, living practices and ‘development’ hopes of these same communities, the world’s majority, that the alternatives, which the planet and humanity so desperately need, live. The policy tinkering and technical fixes by development organisations in the last decades have ultimately served to reinforce the system and helped to extend its longevity. Now is the time for bold actions and brave solutions, of genuine solidarity, and ultimately the expression of a love for humanity and our beautiful planet.

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